Principal's Welcome


Welcome to Wembley Primary School


Our school mission is to ‘empower all students to learn at high levels to become successful, independent, lifelong learners’ and the school motto is ‘Striving for Success’.


Over recent years we have implemented the three big ideas of a Professional Learning Community as way of ensuring that all students learn at high levels. The three big ideas are:


1. We believe that all students can learn at high levels.


2. To ensure that all students learn at high levels, staff work collaboratively. Collaborative Teams work together to clarify the following four key questions: 

    • What is it that we want our students to learn? (Focus on the Essential Learnings)
    • How do we know if our students are learning? (Focus on assessment)
    • How will we respond when students do not learn? (Focus on instruction and intervention)
    • How will we enrich and extend the learning of students who are proficient? (Focus on intervention and enrichment)


3. In order to know if students are learning and to respond to their needs, we have a strong focus on results (Focus on SMART goals)


The school provides a curriculum with a strong emphasis on English and Mathematics, integrated with a Concept (usually one per term). The school has a tiered approach to Intervention (Response to Intervention [RTI]), providing additional support for students requiring extra time to consolidate the Essential Learnings and for students requiring enrichment.


The core curriculum is complemented by Specialist Programs in Physical Education, Visual Art, Performing Arts and French is to be introduced during the 2016 school year. In addition, we also offer an extensive extracurricular program including writing enrichment, drama, instrumental music, chess, swimming, beach program, interschool sport, buddy program across the school, an extensive leadership program for the Year Six students, including Peer Mediation, Junior School Council and a range of lunchtime activities.


Teaching practices across the school are informed by evidence based strategies, which are known to have ahigh impact on student learning. These include the research of Marzano, DuFour et el. Professional Learning is an integral part of the operation of the school, and Collaborative Teams are the focal point for planning, development and implementation of teaching and learning and collective inquiry into how to improve teacher practice.


Wembley Primary School provides a quality learning culture that is orderly, safe, secure and inclusive. This culture is strongly influenced by the school’s values which focus on the rights and responsibilities of students, staff and parents. The Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy underpins the management and teaching practices at Wembley Primary School.


Vassie Vatsilas-D'Arcangelo and Terry Lawless - Co-Principals