Day to Day Structure

School Hours



Teaching & Learning Session 1

10:00am-11:00am Teaching & Learning Session 2


Eating time 1 (within classroom)


Play #1


Teaching & Learning Session 3


Teaching & Learning Session 4

Eating time 2 (within classroom)


Play #2


Teaching & Learning Session 5




If your child is absent, please email the school at


If your child is absent please send a written note to your child’s teacher. Please contact the Office if your child is away for an extended period, or if your child has an infectious concern, eg measles, chicken pox, so other parents can be alerted to be on the lookout for symptoms.


School Assembly


The school runs one assembly per week.


On Friday afternoon:

  • Recite the school pledge – see in Wembley Mission
  • Sing Verse 1 of the National Anthem
  • Sing the School Song - see in Wembley Mission
  • We hold a celebratory assembly, giving out student learning and achievement awards, sports reports and a summary of upcoming events.


Medical Information


Medication Authority Form


Pickup / Drop off


The number of parents dropping off and picking up students in the morning and afternoon is an increasing issue. Wembley’s demographics are unusual in that over 70% of the students come from outside the school’s immediate neighbourhood. This results in increased traffic compared to similar schools. Adding to the issue is the narrow and in some cases, dead-end streets.


Please ensure all children use the supervised School Crossings. This is the safest option and should be the only option when crossing Francis Street and Wembley Avenue. 




There are parking restrictions around the school (parking officers are frequently in attendance) and drivers in the area need to use caution because of the number of pedestrians between 8.30am – 9.15am and 2.45pm and 3.45pm.We strongly recommend families walk whenever possible, or park away from the school in areas such as McIvor Reserve and then walk the few hundred metres to school. If it is necessary to park nearby, eg wet weather; please be patient, cautious and courteous.