Wembley Mission & Values


                                     School Mission: To empower all students to learn at high levels to become successful, independent, lifelong learners.

                                                                                                   School Motto: Know Thy Impact.

Wembley Primary School’s Mission and Vision is integral to the work that we do and is the foundation of our school community.  The school aims to build a culture that demonstrates a strong belief in, and a commitment to, providing a rich and rigorous curriculum within a safe, secure and enriched learning environment for our students. We have a clear focus on catering for the diverse range of students at their point of need. We strive to provide a supportive, nurturing and challenging learning environment, with high expectations of student success.

Our school values: Empathy, Inclusion, Resilience and Respect, underpin how members of our school community work in partnership to achieve our School Mission. All of our staff members encourage and support our students to embrace these values, which are introduced within our ‘Learning to Learn at Wembley’ first 15 days of school program, and form part of their daily school life.

Together, our Mission, Motto and Values, shape our daily practices and advance our work as a Professional Learning Community.


The culture at Wembley Primary School is one of collaboration and consultation, underpinned by an unwavering belief in the efficacy of evidence based practise. We believe that we can provide the best experiences and learning outcomes for our students when we employ research driven pedagogies, and in a manner that involves all stakeholders in the process. The school provides a curriculum with a strong emphasis on English and Mathematics; the school has developed Essential Learnings that are based on the Victorian Curriculum and define clear Learning Targets for each Essential Skill. The core curriculum is integrated with Concept learning which encapsulates the humanities, sciences and technology components of the curriculum. Digital technology is also integrated into the daily learning program for all students, commencing in Prep and further enhanced by a 1:1 Device Program from Years 4-6. The school operates specialist programs in Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Spanish, and in addition, students at Wembley Primary School have access to enrichment programs such as Instrumental Music which is offered as an adjunct to the core curriculum. 

The Executive Leadership Team prioritise the visibility of our School Strategic Plan (SSP) and yearly goals within our community. Student Free Curriculum Days and whole school professional learning opportunities are tightly aligned with our Annual Implementation Plan key improvement strategies, which enables all community members can remain focused on the critical work and understand why we are undertaking the work.



School Song

We at Wembley Primary are proud of our school
A place that we'll always recall
It aims to prepare us for our life ahead
To work hard, be honest and stand tall
Four, Seven, Double Eight is our number
Come by and you’ll really see
That Wembley is a school that cares for us
And it makes it a good place to be
We live in the shadow of the Westgate Bridge
A feature of our great land
It reminds us to link all the nations in our school
And hold out the friendship hand
Four, Seven, Double Eight is our number
Come by and you’ll really see
That Wembley is a school that cares for us
And it makes it a good place to be


School Pledge

We pledge loyalty to our country

Promise to respect our parents, teachers and other students

Obey all laws

And strive to do our best for Wembley Primary School