Student Leadership

We pride ourselves on the vast array of opportunities we give our students to actively participate in leadership. We acknowledge that leadership takes on many forms and is a skill that needs nurturing.


The structure of formal leadership at Wembley Primary has been created to enable as many students as is practical to experience formal leadership roles. This structure has been designed to enable learning through experience and through modelling of the behaviours demonstrated by a good leader.



School Captains


6A       Emily Walsh & Elise Westerlund  

6B       Jade Johnston & Avina Hoang

6C       Mitchell Hegarty & Finola Drysdale

6D       Alex Goodman & Angelica Schroeders
5/6A    Dean Radle & Coen Davis  




From Prep to 6, students in each class elect a class or year level representative to go on the Junior School Council.  The JSC meets weekly in lunch with teachers to identify areas of improvement for the students around the school, identify possible charity events, social events and become the voice of the students.  This model promotes active participation in organisation, goal setting and team work.


Year 1  Evan A, Lucas B 

Year 2  Olivia S, Otto T

Year 3  Myles B, Mya S

Year 4  Estelle K, Keanu R

Year 5  Minh-Anh L, Olivia W 

Year 6  Nicola S, S, Sulja


Peer Mediators


Imogen A, Ahleem E, Sarah K, Tessa S, Izzy T, Jessica B, Audrey B, Sophie C, Isobel J, Taylah M, Amogh P, Jack R, Elise W, Joel H, Audrey A, Oliver B, Eden H, Lucas M, Chris S, Jemma G, Blake G, Eleni K, Lija L & Jenny N.