Uniform Policy


The School Uniform at Wembley is compulsory.



The wearing of a school uniform, in accordance with the uniform dress code, assists students in recognising themselves as an integral part of the school community. It also helps reinforce pride in their appearance and in representing the school.

In the establishment of this Dress Code issues such as expense, health and safety and equality have been considered. 



Promote equality amongst all students.

Further development of a sense of pride in our school.

Identification with our school.

Provide durable clothing that is both cost effective and practical for our school environment.

Maintain and advance the positive image of the school in the community. 



The school uniform is compulsory at Wembley Primary School.

The school uniform consists of the following garments:



  • Wembley PS Surf Hat
  • Wembley PS Bomber Jacket
  • Wembley PS Hoodie
  • Trackpant plain (Navy)
  • Wembley PS Short Sleeve Polo (Navy or White)
  • Wembley PS Long Sleeve Polo (Navy or White)
  • Jersey Shorts (Navy)
  • Wembley PS Logo T-Shirt
  • Optional: Wembley PS Backpack


  • Gingham Summer Dress
  • Bootleg Pants (Navy)
  • Cotton Elastane Skort
  • Any hair accessories must be navy blue or white

School uniform items that match our school colours (navy/white top and navy bottom) can be purchased elsewhere as long as they have no other logo, writing or decoration on them.  All tops must carry the school logo.



The Dress Code requires all students to wear suitable, safe closed in footwear, which allows them to participate in the full range of school activities.  These include runners (sports shoes) and enclosed toe sandals.  Thongs, crocs and slip on party type shoes are not permitted.



Sun hats are compulsory in Term 1 & Term 4, in line with the Cancer Council Victoria’s Sunsmart Program, an internationally recognised skin cancer prevention program.  Students must wear a navy surf/broad brimmed hat.  Hats are available from the School Office or online.



Items of clothing that are not suitable for school wear include:

  • Wembley Basketball Club Uniforms/Jumper
  • Wembley Netball Club Uniforms/Jumper
  • Netball Skirts
  • Denim jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses and jackets
  • Baseball caps
  • Beanies (except during winter months) and must be Navy
  • Thongs (unless attending Swimming Program)
  • Moccasins/Ugg Boots
  • Rubber boots

The school reserves the right to add / delete / change garments on this list.



Please ensure that all uniform items are clearly marked with your child’s name.  Any abandoned/misplaced school items are placed in the lost property cupboard in the corridor.  Please check this cupboard if your child has lost any uniform item/s.



Consequences may apply for not wearing a school uniform. Students are required to bring a letter from their parent for being out of uniform for a legitimate reason. Student will be offered a pre loved uniform [if available]. Re offenders – an email will be sent home via Sentral to parents reminding them of uniform policy. The principal may follow up and consequences may apply.

Click here to view and order the Wembley PS School Uniform