WPS Parents Association

The Wembley Primary School Parents’ Association is a highly active and welcoming association that provides opportunities for parents to support their child’s education and engage with the school community.

Our Association aims to:

  • Provide support, in various forms, to teachers, staff, parents and students
  • Coordinate volunteers and raise funds for school facilities and equipment
  • Promote interest and support in the school’s academic, sporting, and extra-curricular programs
  • Organise opportunities for parents and children to socialise and connect

All parents are welcome to participate in Parents’ Association events and support its fundraisers.


Our 2022 Office Bearers


President – Bridget Horton

Vice President – Kelly Dean

Secretary – Natasha Shannon

Treasurer – Kim Coleman




The WPS Parents’ Association meets once a month to provide an avenue for parents and friends to discuss school matters, share their expertise and contribute to working groups.


Our meetings are informal and fun, and a great way to meet new parents and be part of the broader school community.


The schedule for our 2022 meetings is as follows:


Thursday 5th May

Thursday 2nd June

Thursday 14th July

Thursday 4th August

Thursday 1st September

Thursday 6th October

Thursday 3rd November

Thursday 1st December


Fundraising & Events Meeting



Become a Parents’ Association member

We think that all WPS parents and carers should consider joining the WPA. Membership is free and gives you a voice in how the Association is run and the areas we focus on.


To become a registered member of the Parents’ Association please complete the Wembley Primary School Parents’ Association Registration Form (linked here) and either return to amanda.pilkington@education.vic.gov.au, or place in the box labelled, ‘Parents’ Association Forms’ at the school office. 


Only Registered Members of the Parents’ Association are eligible to vote at any meeting or for election to any office.