Portable Electronic Devices Policy




The school recognises that technology is changing at a rapid rate.  Within the broader community, students have access to a variety of electronic devices for both entertainment and communication.


The school reserves the right to limit the use of Portable Electronic Devices where they are deemed to compromise the school’s role as a provider of academic and social learning for all students.  The school also recognises the need to monitor the appropriateness of the content of the electronic devices as well as ensuring the privacy of staff and students.




An electronic device is defined as any mechanical or electronic item that is capable of playing, recording, storing or transmitting sounds, images, data or games.  A portable electronic device includes items such as digital cameras, ipods, hand held electronic games, portable DVD players and MP3 players.

Please note: For Mobile Phones and wearable devices please refer to the Personal Mobile Devices Policy.




3.1          To ensure that the school’s primary aim of providing academic and social learning for all students is not negatively affected by the use of Portable Electronic Devices.


3.2          To ensure students are using electronic devises in a safe and appropriate manner.




4.1             Any student who brings a mobile phone to school will be required to leave the phone in their schoolbag (at their own risk).


4.2                Portable electronic devices that have wireless internet access capabilities or wireless communication capabilities (including Ninetendo DS) may not be used at school at any time.


4.3                Students may not use portable electronic devices that record sound or pictures without the knowledge of their teacher and as part of the educational program at Wembley P.S.


4.4                Ipods, MP3 players and portable DVD players can not be used by students during school hours unless these devices are used as part of the lesson and supervised by the teacher.


4.5                Parent and principal permission will be required for students to bring electronic game consoles to school.  Forms will be available at the office which indicates that:

·         the school will not be responsible for any loss or damage

·         only ‘G’ rated games are brought to school.

Parents will be required to complete the permission forms at the beginning of each term.


4.6                Electronic games that are used during recess and lunch breaks must have the appropriate age rating.


4.7                The school principal will be responsible for the identification of areas within the school where students will be allowed to use the hand held electronic consoles.


4.8                Any student who is using a portable electronic device inappropriately and/or not in compliance with the school policy will have the device confiscated and returned at the end of the school day.  Parents/caregivers will be informed of the infringement.


4.9                Portable electronic devices are brought to school entirely at their owner’s risk.  The school can not accept responsibility for theft, loss or damage of the devices.


4.10            As school camps are designed to encourage the skills of resilience, participation and independence, students are discouraged from taking electronic devices.  Students may only take electronic devices including IPods to school camps with the written permission of their parents/guardians.  It will then be at the principal’s discretion as to whether permission is granted or refused. This written permission will include the parent/student taking responsibility:

·         for the acceptable use of the device

·         loss or damage of the device.




·  The policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle.