Advertising and Sponsorship Policy


1.  Rationale:

1.1    Wembley P.S. recognises the mutual benefits that can be gained from developing positive and purposeful partnerships with organisations and businesses that exist within the wider school community.

1.2       It is understood by the wider school community that participation in advertising and sponsorship will not generate pressure on children, parents or schools to purchase particular goods or services, subscribe to particular beliefs or attitudes or pursue particular courses of action.


2.  Aims:

2.1       To enhance school resources through developing positive and purposeful partnerships with organisations and businesses that exist within the wider school community.

3.  Implementation

3.1    The Executive of School Council, comprising of the School Principal, School Council President and School Council Treasurer, will investigate and negotiate all potential sponsorship and advertising arrangements.

3.2       The Executive of School Council will provide School Council with details of any sponsorship or advertising proposals, and seek School Council approval before finalising any partnership arrangements.  Any pecuniary interests by school councillors must be declared to School Council at the time of the submission of the proposal.

3.3       All sponsorship and partnership arrangements will be considered on merit, and decisions will be made on an individual basis.

3.4       When considering potential advertising and sponsorship arrangements, the Executive Committee is required to adhere to the following guidelines:

3.4.1    Sponsorship and advertising will be with organisations and companies where a clear and demonstrable benefit for the students and the school’s programs can be guaranteed.

3.4.2    Sponsorship and advertising arrangements must take into account the values and views of the school community as well as the school policies

3.4.3    Sponsorship and advertising arrangements will only be entered into with organisations and companies that have a positive public image, and are associated with products and services appropriate for a school to align themselves with.

3.4.4  Arrangements must not be entered into with companies directly involved with tobacco or alcohol products and/or any other products considered to be harmful to children and parents.

3.4.5   Arrangements must not be entered into with companies that seek information from the school that would contravene the Information Privacy Act 2000.

3.4.6  Sponsorship arrangements that contain restrictions regarding the school’s ability to purchase goods and services freely, or restrict the school’s ability to make choices in any way, will be avoided.      

3.5       The standard advertising or sponsorship agreement form (appendix 1) must be used for all advertising            or sponsorship arrangements.

3.6      In considering a sponsorship or advertising arrangement the Executive of School Council will consider the “Checklist For Sponsorship or Advertising For Wembley P.S.” (appendix 2)

3.7       Each individual sponsorship arrangement will be reviewed on an annual basis.



The policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle.