Student Code of Conduct


Wembley Primary School has high expectations of all its students. These high expectations have resulted in high outcomes in English and Mathematics, as well as excellent behaviour from the students. To continue our high performance, it is expected all children at Wembley PS will understand and follow the Wembley Primary School’s Code of Conduct. The following is a summary of our behaviour code. After reading it, please discuss it with your child. It will also be discussed in all classes. Please sign and return the agreement to school.


At Wembley Primary School all students have rights and responsibilities that relate to the school values.


The following are a student’s rights at Wembley Primary School:


The right to learn, and play in a safe, secure, stimulating and positive environment.


The right to be respected and valued.


The right to express ideas and opinions in a positive way, and to be listened to.


The right to have fair access to school resources.


With these rights also come responsibilities, these are:


To act responsibly and work to the best of your ability.


To respect the rights of others.


To be cooperative and considerate.


To share and care for resources.


These rights and responsibilities are developed in conjunction with the School Values:





Cooperating,   collaborating and leading or following as the situation demands


Work with each other and share the teacher’s   time. Share the playground areas and equipment.


Being   honest and demonstrating a considered sense of fairness


Be honest and fair to yourself and others in the   classroom and the playground.


Persevering and remaining focused and looking   for ways to reach your goal.

Always give your best effort even if you are not   successful the first time. Not giving up.


Respecting ourselves, others and the environment   around us

Speak positively and politely. Listen carefully.   Be courteous and respectful of others. Respect other’ differences, Respect and take care of others.



Ability   to manage and learn from difficulties and to bounce back. Self-reliant and   have a learning/coping reaction rather than the victim blaming reaction


Resolve problems in a sensible and reasonable   manner.

Bounce back after difficulty



Taking   action for our learning and behaviour


Move safely in the buildings.

Respect and take care of other’s   possessions. 

Your child’s class teacher will spend time working with the class to describe these values further. Children will also discuss consequences for not following these rights, responsibilities and values. Teachers will also spend time discussing how children might deal with problems that may occur, e.g. speaking to a trusted adult such as a parent.


If a student does not follow school expectations, then consequences will apply. A child may be reminded about the school values and expectations, they may also be warned or there might be a consequence such as detention, paying for a damaged item, repairing damage, being moved to another part of the classroom, or walking with a yard duty teacher for a part of a recess.


Wembley Primary School has a proud history of being an outstanding school and our students are fortunate to be able to continue our tradition. After reading this agreement and discussing it with your child, please sign below, and return to school.


I have discussed the Student Code of Conduct with my child and I believe my child will do his/her best to follow the School’s Code of Conduct. I have also reinforced the need to speak with a trusted adult, (e.g. parent or teacher) to seek advice on how to deal with a problem.


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