Prep Transition - Information


A Positive Start to School at Wembley Primary School


Starting school marks an important milestone in the lives of young children. At Wembley Primary School, we believe that the transition from kindergarten to school should be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Each year we offer transition sessions to assist the children to familiarise themselves with the school. During these sessions the children spend time with their teacher and classmates participating in engaging activities aimed at familiarising them with the structures and routines of school life. While the children are in class, parents have been invited to Information sessions, designed to provide an insight into what they can expect from their child’s first year at school.


Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) we are unable to run our on-site transition program this year. However, we are  committed to ensuring that our new prep students and their parents make a positive transition to school. To this end, we have been busy planning an alternative transition program to be implemented between now and the beginning of the 2021 school year.


To enable this, the following transition activities have been planned: 

  • Virtual school and classroom tour video - to be uploaded very soon
  • Virtual day in the life of a Prep student video
  • Questionnaire form to be filled by parents
  • Prep information handbook - please access and read before the Q&A sessions
  • ‘Meet the Principal team’ and Q&A virtual meeting on Webex, Date: Wednesday 21 October at 11.15 am and 5pm
  • Time will be made available on Thursday 22 October for follow up phone calls if needed
  • ‘Meet the Prep teacher and class’ virtual meeting via Webex in December date to be advised 
  • Kindergarten and Prep teacher meetings at our feeder kindergartens
  • Confirmation of Classroom Teacher and Room by early December, via email
  • Assigning and training Year 5 students to be Prep buddies
  • First time Prep family network will be initiated-early 2021
  • Communication through our Facebook and Instagram social media pages

Participating in these transition to school activities will help you and your child get a better understanding of what Wembley will be like.


Assessment of 2021 Prep Students


In addition to the information schools receive as part of the Kindergarten Transition Statement, schools are obliged to conduct a range of assessments with each child when they enter Prep.

At Wembley, these assessments will be carried out early in the 2021 year to allow our teaching team to develop a deeper understanding of the strengths and areas for further development of our Prep children and to develop programs to meet their needs. 


The assessments cover Literacy and Numeracy and will take approximately an hour to complete.


Information on booking interviews will be sent out, when Teachers and rooms are confirmed.


The dates the assessments are available are:


  • Thursday 28 January 2021 - by appointment
  • Friday 29 January 2021 – by appointment
  • Wednesday 3 February 2021 – by appointment


Once restrictions are eased, we look forward to meeting with you.


Warm regards, 

The Wembley Leadership Team.