WPCG - Visual Arts Team


This team is visionary and sees the world in all its detail. They know a good piece of artwork when they see it. They want to frame it, display it, talk about it! Led in the past by the formidable Kylie Febbo - who has been integral in keeping the Wembley vision alive - this team love making student’s work look professionally framed, hunting down supplies, gathering materials and organising the annual Wembley art show. You don’t necessarily need to know your Botticelli from your Banksy or how inspirational Man Ray was, but if famous artists float your boat - bonus! This is a team that keeps it surreal.  




Organisers: Recruiting now! (supporting Ms Ruth Branthwaite)


Current Projects: Coming soon!


Need help with: Coming soon!


To get involved: email wembleycommunitygroup@gmail.com