WPCG - Library Team


This team of book loving legends have been lending a hand in the Wembley library, (as well as organising resources throughout the school), for as long as Mr. Darcy has captivated readers. Ok, maybe that’s a slight hyperbole, however they have made serious in-roads to redeveloping our library and literacy world! This team is looking for long term, committed team members they can build a real connection with. So, if you get a buzz out of being organized, have a zest for cataloguing all the things, or if you simply love the written word and your idea of a rad weekend is eyeballing pages of literary magic - we want you in our page turning posse!




Organisers: Sumathi Sundararajan and recruiting a new organiser (supporting Katie McClue and the literacy staff)


Current Projects: Library redevelopment, literacy projects


Need help with: A parent librarian or two! Helping with all things literacy and library.


To get involved: email wembleycommunitygroup@gmail.com