WPCG - Sustainability Team


This team is a group of dynamo individuals who have global domination on their to-do list. They have big plans, but have started with small, impactful changes, such as registering Wembley Primary with the ResourceSmart Schools program. Their quest is to integrate sustainability best practice into the school by saving resources and funds whilst helping educate our students to become part of the solution when it comes to conserving and improving the environment and helping our community. They are a social bunch who are hoping to find like-minded, passionate parents to help them save the planet, one lunch box at a time!


Organisers: Louise Hudson and Jo Manariti (working alongside the Community Engagement Sub-committee)


Current Projects: Initial stages of Resource Smart program, developing strategies for initial projects


Need help with: Data collection, measuring energy water and waste, project delivery


To get involved: email louconley@hotmail.com or call 0412 938 440