WPCG - Who we are & what we do



Who We Are


The Wembley Parents Community Group is a motley crew of enthusiastic parents

who are passionate about creating a school community that is friendly, inclusive and

fun. By bringing students, staff and families together we want to make Wembley

Primary School the best it can be.

What We Do


The Wembley Parents Community Group is made up of several teams (listed below)

who all have a different area of focus with distinct goals for Wembley Primary and

our community. We all have various skill sets, interests and areas of expertise. Some

of us are here to share our knowledge, others are happy to be social and help out

wherever needed.

Fundraising Team

Parent Networking Team

Library Team

Publishing Team

Sustainability Team

Working Bee Team

Short Projects Team

Performing Arts Team

Visual Arts Team



Get Involved


We welcome all parents to get involved in the Wembley Parent’s Community Group

in any capacity. You can commit as much or little time and energy that suits you and

your family.


It’s a great way to meet new families, get to know teachers and staff, gain insight into

your child’s world at Wembley and feel connected to the community. And we promise

we won’t be hitting you up with the latest pyramid scheme!


Keen to get involved? Want to know more?

Please email wembleycommunitygroup@gmail.com with your contact details and

we’ll promptly be in touch.