Flexible and Remote Learning Site

Flexible and Remote Learning at Wembley Primary School


To aid parents and families with learning from a flexible and remote learning environment, we have created a Google Site full of instructional videos and resources. 


This website is designed to help parents from a technologies point of view, ie: 

  • How do you sign-in to your child’s Google account? 
  • What on earth IS Google Classroom?

But, it is also an adjunct to the learning program that teachers will be delivering on a daily basis. 


We ask that you get into the habit of checking this website as your first port-of-call, if you need to know how to do something. 


Please note: This Google Site is a closed site, meaning it is only accessible to those who are in the Wembley Network. 

As parents, you MUST BE SIGNED INTO YOUR CHILD’S GOOGLE ACCOUNT IN ORDER FOR THE LINK TO WORK. Your own personal gmail account will not work. 

Please click on the hyperlink to now access the website.