Parent Helper Policy




The Parent Helper Program enables parents/guardians to participate as valued members of the community by:

  • Enabling the learning of students by providing additional support to the classroom program
  • Contributing to the delivery of a differentiated curriculum model – parents working with students on their individual needs, determined by the teacher
  • Developing the parent’s understanding of the educational practise ‘Gradual Release of Responsibility Instructional Model’ and how teachers facilitate the learning of all students
  • Applying this understanding of instructional practices in literacy and numeracy, so as to be involved in the learning of their child/children
  • Assisting with programs in sports and the arts


If the above points are observed, the Parent Helper Program will contribute to the growth and achievement of our students.




It is the responsibility of classroom teachers to:

  • Collate parent interest and determine their Parent Helper Timetable.
  • Review/revise this timetable (at least once a term) to ensure maximum parent involvement.
  • Display the Parent Helper Timetable outside or in the classroom or send the timetable home to parents
  • Determine the role of the parent helper for each session and communicates this clearly to the parent and students.


It is the responsibility of parents to:


  • Participate in the Parent Helper Induction session (this is required prior to working as a parent helper).
  • Read and become aware of this policy
  • Communicate availability with their child’s/children’s teacher
  • Assist in the classroom program under the direction of the classroom teacher by:
        •   Working with individual students
        •   Working with small groups of students
        •   Providing a role model for learning
        •   Supporting students to complete tasks
        •   Assisting with collecting assessment data for the teacher
        •   Completing general class tasks

It is an expectation that Parent Helpers will: 


  • Avoid making educational judgements
  • Act on the understanding that all children can learn
  • Act on the understanding that children learn at different rates and have different learning needs
  • Act on the understanding that children have different strengths
  • Communicate with the classroom teacher any difficulties (appropriateness of task, behavioural issues, social relationships)
  • Refer discipline issues to the class teacher
  • Ensure they are comfortable with the role they are taking on


Confidentiality – Parent Helpers will:


  • Retain confidentiality at all times
  • Respect the privacy of children and parents
  • Avoid mentioning the names or learning needs of students in front of their own child/children or other parents
  • Be aware that children can be hurt by harmless remarks from their peers and adults



  • We request that parents participating in the Parent Helper Program have a current ‘Working with Children’ Check
  • Parent Helper Induction sessions will be advertised in the newsletter
  • Two sessions (am/pm) will be run in at the beginning of the school year
  • Parents communicate their interest in attending this Induction session via a permission slip, email or in person to the leadership team
  • Parents complete the Induction Session run by the Wembley Literacy Coach and or Literacy Consultant
  • If there is significant demand for a future parent training session, staff may be able to cater for this, or alternatively, new parents to the school may be trained by buddying/shadowing an experienced helper
  • Teachers will receive the names of the parents of students from their grade who have participated in the Parent Helper Induction session
  • Once the Induction session has been completed, Parents communicate with classroom teachers their availability (days and times)
  • Classroom teachers establish a timetable based on one parent per session or a maximum of two parents
  • Parent Helpers will sign in at the Office and receive a Visitor’s Badge prior to commencing their role in the classroom
  • Parents are asked to not bring younger children to the classroom when acting as a Parent Helper. This will enable optimum focus on student learning
  • Parents will work in the classroom at all times under the supervision of the classroom teacher